Succeed with Yritystakomo


Yritystakomo offers innovative solutions for experts in various fields who think of startup entrepreneurship. With the help of the company, entrepreneurs find partners who use their know-how, experience and innovation to develop new business and product ideas. The activities of the company are based on volunteering and the network can be used by anyone who wants to develop their business idea to be successful.

The company and its partners support, among other things, in finding out the financing of the business idea. With our partner network, it is possible to get a business loan quickly, regardless of the age of the company. This is relevant when it comes to startup entrepreneurship, where speed is a trump card. The goal of a company is to turn your idea into a successful company.

Financing partners acts as our main financing partner for startup companies operating in Finland. For startup companies that target more international markets, Creddo acts as a financing partner. Below you will find more information about our main partners: has focused on finding financing solutions for Finnish individuals and companies. The service has found a financing solution for thousands of Finnish companies and hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Service focuses on fast business loans up to EUR 300,000. Financial solutions are clear and serve both new and old companies effectively.



Creddo is a service for companies looking for financial solutions with contacts in international markets. In addition to Finland, it has operations in Sweden and soon in Netherlands, among others.

Through the service, companies of all sizes with operations in the above-mentioned countries can seek financing. In Finland, the service targets business loans of EUR 1,000 to 250,000, and in Sweden, for example, financing of up to EUR 1,000,000.


Other financing options

Other financing alternatives, such as larger financing solutions, are being sought for startup companies in co-operation with ELY and Business Finland. In such solutions, the main partners act as a bridge financing solution, for example.

More about us

Yritystakomo was established with the aim of creating new successful growth companies in Finland. The activities are funded by our partners' co-financing. We are fully involved in regional communities as well as international networks.

Yritystakomo offers innovative solutions that can be used to further develop ideas into real companies. A business class consists of people and their unique skills. When we do things together and share knowledge and ideas, big things happen.

A business combination is a great force for innovation. The spirit is excellent and everyone is encouraged to move forward with their ideas.


Our values

Our values ​​are care, trust, courage, doing and well-being. Everything we do at Yritystakomo is guided by our five operating values: care, trust, courage, action and well-being. With care and trust, we build a foundation on which members can share their ideas. We need courage and action to take these ideas forward and make them real businesses. These values ​​combine to enable us to achieve our ultimate goals and increase well-being through entrepreneurship.


To whom?

Yritystakomo's financing solutions serve both fresh companies and long-established veterans who want to create something new or develop an existing business.