”Takomo is a great place to innovate. The spirit is outstanding and everyone is encouraged to go further with their ideas.” – Regina Hamarikivi, Juhlasointu

Takomo is an innovative working environment for people who are interested in developing new product ideas and businesses. Based on the national Protomo model, Takomo provides its members with free facilities, training, know-how and support to help them develop new services and products for the market, with no immediate risk. Yritystakomo is located in the Technology Village in Oulu.

Takomo is full of opportunities: you can develop a business around your idea, you can team up with others who already have an idea or even find a job from Takomo’s network. Although Takomo is ultimately about creating new businesses, you don’t necessarily have to have a business idea to join Takomo. The most important thing is to come and offer your own expertise to others. Don’t stay at home waiting for a job, but come and create one yourself! Just put on the slippers, grab a cup of coffee and share your thoughts and knowledge with others.

We have open doors every Monday at 1 p.m. If you want to learn more about Takomo and possibly join Takomo, feel free to visit us!

About Takomo

Takomo provides an innovative environment where ideas can be developed further into actual businesses. Takomo is all about the people and their unique skills. When we do things together and share knowledge and ideas, great things will happen.

Service is our business

Takomo offers a productized service for individuals who want to develop their ideas into businesses. Within a cooperative environment and utilizing training and networking, Takomo helps entrepreneurs to assess the commercial viability of their ideas and to identify the factors that will be critical to the success of their business.

The driving force behind Takomo’s excellence comes from the cooperative work of our members; they represent a wide range of young as well as experienced professionals in different fields. By working together and taking advantage of the unique skills of each one of our members, we are able to achieve the best results.

The power of peer reviewing is remarkable ­– if you have a business idea, you should definitely come and share your idea with others. Together we can bring ideas which you wouldn’t have thought on your own. By peer reviewing the idea, you are much more ready to enter the market and you can possibly avoid some unnecessary mistakes.

We are in close cooperation with local and global organizations. They support our activities and offer new perspectives that help our members to take their business ideas further.

From customers’ needs

A good idea is the starting point for a new company, but customers’ needs lie at the heart of every successful business idea. Here in Takomo, we are committed to help our members to assess the commercial viability of their ideas straight from the market. With the assistance of our wide network of partners, our members are able to get customer validation before launching their idea and consequently the risks of entrepreneurship are minimized.

Wellbeing for Oulu region

By fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, Takomo aims to create employment and increase the well-being in both personal and societal level. The newly started companies stimulate economic growth and offer interesting jobs where the local expertise is utilized.

Our values

Our values are Caring, Trust, Courage, Doing and Well-being. Everything we do in Takomo is guided by our five operating values: Care, Trust, Courage, Action and Well-being. With care and trust we build up the foundation that enables our members to share their ideas in a supportive environment. To take these ideas further and turn them into actual businesses, we need courage and action. These four values come together and make it possible to achieve our ultimate goal and increase the well-being of our region.

Weekly Program

Even though every week at Takomo is different, our schedule usually includes the members only -sessions called hehkutus and kasaus and visiting speakers, which are open for everyone. To participate in hehkutus and kasaus, you have to be a member of Takomo. Hehkutus is on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and it’s all about sharing ideas and forming teams to push those ideas further. Kasaus is on Fridays from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and then the teams that are working on an idea share their progression and tell their future plans. After hehkutus and kasaus, from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m., we have guest lecturers from different companies.

During the whole week, Takomo members can use our facilities to work on their ideas. If you are a member of Takomo, we expect you to participate in hehkutus and kasaus on Tuesdays and Fridays. Other than that you are free to work with your ideas and to network with other members etc.

You can follow our calendar from below. Please note that presentations and meetings are held in English when requested.

The week's events
maanantai tiistai keskiviikko torstai perjantai
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Join Takomo

Do you have a great idea and need help to execute it?

Would you like to become an entrepreneur? Or a shareholder of a new start-up? Or an employee of a new start-up?

Then join Oulu’s most innovative work environment. In Takomo you will have the opportunity to create your own dream career. Come and share your expertise and ideas and you’ll never know what opportunities you’ll get!

How to join

Joining Takomo is easy, just call or email us to arrange an introductory meeting in which you will get acquainted with Takomo’s working methods, training sessions and many other activities specially arranged for our members. Or you can come visit us in our open door event every Monday at 1 p.m.

Joining and participating in Takomo is free of charge to all members. We only need your active participation in developing new ideas and businesses.

For whom?

Takomo serves young experts as well as experienced professionals who are unemployed or are threatened by unemployment and want to create something new. However, even though our members are encouraged to participate in Takomo’s activities on a regular basis, members are not employed by Takomo. Hence their unemployment or studying benefits are not affected by affiliation to Takomo.

Contact details:

Kari Kivistö

Tel. +358 40 745 3167